There is no doubt that almost every government is putting a lot of pressure on quarantine or different types of lockdown to stop the spread of the 2020 global issue Covid-19. The reason why huge worries come up because of personal restrictions.

A number of the regulations lately constructed by especially, the most affected countries which are the United States, United Kindom, Italy, Spain, etc. The warnings are that people should stay at home unless they have an urgent case such as; work, health problems, assisting or caring someone, grocery shopping, and similar situations. Furthermore, a decent number of companies start using the internet more than just the internet. All competitions and events delayed or canceled. However, one miracle thing happened and we start exercising more often everywhere, indoor and outdoor. This seems a reasonable compromise between the unfavorable health consequences associated with physical inactivity and the compelling need to contain the COVID-19 outbreak by avoiding social gatherings and other forms of personal contact.
The world health Organisation (WHO) has made clear its regulations and policies that physical activities are necessary for human life to sustain health and fitness. Recent evidence also attests to the benefits of regular physical activity on survival. Leisure-time physical activity has been negatively correlated with the risk of cardiovascular mortality independently from age, sex, and the presence or lack of pre-existing cardiovascular disease. Physical fitness directly depends on the risk of cardiovascular death in the early 50s or older.

Limited physical activity or, even more worrisome, inability to take a regular walk out of one’s home as a consequence of strict quarantine, may be associated with a kaleidoscope of unfavorable metabolic effects that would dramatically increase the risk of many severe and disabling disorders such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

During quarantine, staying active and maintaining a physical exercise routine will be essential for mental and physical health. Fortunately, a wide range of exercises, such as video- or app-guided equipment-free aerobics or strength training, can be performed at home and should be encouraged.


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                              Keep it easy, focus on your consistency (Team Healthy Jons).